A springboard of ideas, not just a spring manufacturer…

Virtually every order we manufacture is custom. Over the years, Spring Manufacturing Corporation earned a reputation for taking on special jobs, not run-of-the-mill work. In fact, we love a challenge, and encourage our customers to bring their complex spring requirements.

When they do, we sit down with them to take an in-depth look at their needs. We examine their situation from every angle taking into consideration the “mating” parts—those parts that are next to and interact with the spring. We go this far because when it comes to design, details count. With our knowledge on the subject we can tell our customers whether or not a spring is manufacturable, and if a particular spring is going to work.

Precision springs are precisely what you’ll get from us. Since our founding in 1979, Spring Manufacturing has been in the business of helping manufacturers, engineering and design firms obtain the right spring for their applications. The springs we manufacture take on many forms, and are used in a variety of ways. We make low-tech springs for high-tech companies and high-tech springs for low-tech companies, and every type of precision, custom spring in between.

At Spring Manufacturing, our engineering group has the technical expertise to provide customers with a wide range of supporting practices. Call us for design assistance. Spring offers a quick response to meet your needs from prototype springs to small batch springs to various high precision springs and high tech springs that require fast turnaround. We can run a thorough analysis to assist you in designing the best spring for your application.

  • Custom engineering capability
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Design modifications for cost efficient production
  • Alternative manufacturing and materials evaluation
  • Tooling designed and manufactured with minimal or no tooling charges


Spring Manufacturing uses the latest manufacturing methods for metal forming. We can produce precision components to meet the highest standards from a variety of materials. We have designed our facilities and processes to produce the highest quality parts quickly and accurately, providing customers parts that are totally reliable at the lowest price possible. Call us today for your flat form, compression, extension, torsion and wire form springs.

Spring Manufacturing can produce precision components from many materials, including brass, phospher bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel, high carbon steel, inconels, elgiloy, hastelloy, titanium and other exotic materials. Here are a few of our standard material offerings:

  • Music Wire
  • Stanless Steel (302, 304, 316, 17-7)
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Brass
  • Phospher Bronze
  • Inconel (750, 718, 600, 625)
  • Elgiloy
  • Hastelloy

Quality Assurance

We believe quality should be a total team effort. This is a built in feature at Spring Manufacturing Corporation from design through the finished product, every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Specifications and tolerances are inspected utilizing advanced equipment.